You can make sure that parents with legal questions about child relocation and child abduction know how to find your expertise.

With the help of Careful Child Relocation, they will be well informed about the issue. And they already know what information and documents they need to submit, since they can use our intake form and our list of relevant documents.

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Upon request we will use the local price of a Big Mac to calculate a special price for your country. For example: in Indonesia a Big Mac costs $ 2,34 instead of $ 5,15. Therefore, if you are a lawyer in Indonesia, you can pay € 113,- a year ($ 2,34 / $ 5,15 x € 250).

This way we hope to include lawyers from all countries.

The agreement is concluded annually and is not automatically extended.
Please check our general terms and conditions.

Please keep in mind that when you register as a lawyer on, you are expected to provide the one-week service.

The amounts are excluding VAT. VAT will be charged when your are paying for a registration from within the EU.

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The succes of this website depends on the willingness of the registrated lawyers and mediators to share their knowledge.
You can help:

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