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I am an experienced International Lawyer based in São Paulo, Brazil, having graduated from the Law School of the Catholic University of São Paulo. With a Postgraduate in International Relations and admission to the Brazilian Bar in 1995, I have since dedicated my career to the practice of law.

As a founding partner of MF Ejchel International Advocacy in 1996, I have provided strategic counseling and managed complex cases for over 26 years. Additionally, I am a recognized commentator on several Brazilian TV Networks and a respected columnist for Radio Justice, a division of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

My area of expertise is international law, and as a writer, I have published several legal articles in both Portuguese and English. As a barrister, I have consistently represented clients before the Brazilian Courts in numerous cases, consistently achieving favorable outcomes.

Throughout my career, I have remained committed to providing exceptional legal services to my clients, leveraging my skills, and experience to provide expert counsel. My legal expertise, combined with my exceptional advocacy skills, makes me an invaluable asset to any legal team.Parte inferior do formulário.

I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.
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Relevant experiences and positions

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I have dedicated my career to building a self-sufficient legal structure. My journey began right after graduation from the Faculty of Law when I founded my law firm in a small room in the heart of São Paulo. This experience enabled me to develop a strong understanding of civil and family law, which I leveraged to support my clients.

Over time, I worked with several companies in the civil construction, transport, and entertainment industries, which broadened my legal perspective. In the early 2000s, I received an invitation to coordinate the legal area of the Swiss multinational SGS, where I led a team of lawyers dispersed throughout Brazil. This role was pivotal in shifting my focus toward international law as I dealt with the company’s affiliates around the world.

As I plunged deeper into international law, I discovered my passion for international family law, where I now specialize. I have been particularly successful in handling complex cases related to international child abduction, an area in which I continue to work today.

Throughout my career, I have remained committed to providing exceptional legal services to my clients, and this commitment is evident in my track record. I have a reputation for being detail-oriented, analytical, and persuasive in my approach to legal representation. My excellent communication skills allow me to articulate complex legal concepts in a clear and concise manner.

I possess a unique combination of skills and experience that have equipped me with the tools needed to handle any legal challenge. I am adept at managing legal teams and building self-sufficient legal entities, as demonstrated by my successful law firm and my role at SGS. Furthermore, my focus on international family law has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of complex legal systems and cultural differences, making me an invaluable asset to any legal team.

In summary, I am a seasoned legal professional with expertise in international family law and experience in managing legal teams and building self-sufficient legal entities. I have a proven track record of success in handling complex legal cases, particularly those related to international child abduction. I possess excellent communication skills and am committed to providing exceptional legal services to my clients.

Some personal questions

What is your opinion on the law / case law on child relocation in your country?

I deal with a crusade in Brazil, where the law says one thing and the Courts understand another. Sometimes it is very frustrating, but each victory I get reverberates in the general perception, hoping that the recent legislation approved last year will bring a light at the end of the tunnel.

What would you like to say to judges who handling child relocation cases?

The law should always come first.

What do you think is important to do or not do as an attorney in child abduction cases?

It is fundamental to negotiate, mediate, and struggle for an off-court solution.

What do you think everyone should know about child abduction cases?

Sometimes a hasty decision can be irreversible.

What is your advice to parents who are facing criminal charges of child abduction?

If you are a parent facing criminal charges of child abduction, it is essential to seek legal advice immediately. Child abduction is a serious crime, and the consequences can be severe, including imprisonment, fines, and the loss of custody or visitation rights.

So, if you are a parent facing criminal charges of child abduction, it is essential to ask for legal advice immediately, cooperate with the authorities, seek psychological support, avoid any further actions that could harm your case, and focus on the best interests of the child.

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Mauricio Ejchel

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Mauricio Ejchel