Careful Child

How the best interest of the child can be served during migration and divorce. 

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Child relocation

Careful child relocation explains the legal and practical aspects of moving with children, such as:

  • how to prepare the move properly, with an international parenting plan for instance
  • what to do if the other parent does not want to give permission for the move
  • how to weigh everyones interests when it comes to international relocation
  • how to stop the other parent from moving the children, if you consider the move contrary to the interests of the children, for example because there will be less contact between you and the children possible after the relocation
  • how to write a good international parenting plan
  • the possibility of mediation
Decision making model

Child abduction

Decision making model

International child abduction is the unauthorized removal or failure to return a child. In the Hague Convention on Child Abduction, the best interests of the child are paramount. The purpose of the Convention is to prevent and stop child abductions. The Convention mentions a number of situations that may constitute grounds for refusal. In those cases the court can refuse to issue a return order.

Careful child relocation discusses:

  • the convention, its´s history and it´s members
  • the implementation of the Convention
  • the grounds for refusal
  • the main concepts of the Convention
  • the options for requesting return through the Central Authority or through proceedings
  • the possibility of reaching a solution through mediation
  • the criminal law options for preventing, ending or sanctioning abduction.


For a number of countries, we provide a brief description of how the law in that country deals with the relocation of children within the country or to another country and how cases of international child abduction are handled.



International Child Abduction

International Child Abduction

By Johanthan W. Lounsburry Each year some parents are faced with a devastating reality: their partner has taken their child to another country and is refusing to return.  They are left-behind and at a loss of what do.  Not only is this an emotionally charged...

11 Red flags for parental child abduction

11 Red flags for parental child abduction

These are possible signs that the other parent will abduct the child, by taking it to another country, or by not returning the child from another country: 1. Past behaviour An indicator may be that in the past with this child or another child, the parent has resorted...

Golan v. Saada

Golan v. Saada

Supreme Court of the United States, June 15, 2022 The Supreme Court ruled that a court is not required to examine all possible ameliorative measures before denying a Hague Convention petition for return of a child to a foreign country once the court has found that...

Find a lawyer or mediator

For a number of countries, we provide a list of lawyers and mediators who can assist you in drafting an international parenting plan, in preventing conflicts over the primary residence of the children, and in negotiating and litigating over the children in the event of relocation or child abduction.