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I have been practising family law for 12 years in my own law office with a special focus on cross-border case. I advise in Hungarian and English, and I aim to provide personal attention to my clients when representing them, facilitating conclusion to their case whether by settlement or litigation.

My practice mainly consists of jurisdictional issues, cohabitation/separation, divorce, child arrangement cases, abduction cases, alimony, property issues, enforcement of foreign orders, successions, and complex financial and matrimonial property disputes. I frequently advice on Hague Convention/child abduction/relocation issues and cross-border movement of children.

I am registered in the National Registry of Mediators of Hungary and attended trainings on cross-border family mediation as well.
I am strongly interested in the human side of law and strive to help and guide clients through what can be an incredibly sensitive period of their lives, so I have been looking for a better understanding of the psychology of family law, and I have studied advanced communication skills.

I speak English and Hungarian.
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Relevant experiences and positions

Decision making model

I have been working as a lawyer for 20 years with 17 years of these years being qualified. Previously I worked in-house for companies, and then I undertook a career change in 2010. At this point I founded my own law office. I have been working in the field of international family law for more than 12 years.

I eagerly follow the activity of several international organizations and I continually wish to extend my knowledge. I attend conferences and seminars, illustrating my desire to remain informed about changes in family law across different jurisdictions.

In 2019 I joined the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier, Germany. I follow their work and attend some of their courses and symposiums.

I am a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL.)

I also cooperate with UIA International Association of Lawyers, being also a speaker on their next conference in Budapest, June 2023.

I have good relationships with family lawyers in the EU and worldwide which delivers additional value for my clients.

Some personal questions

What is your opinion on the law / case law on child relocation in your country?

The principles of the Hague Convention and the relevant European Union regulation are well enforced in practice in Hungary, the procedure is quick and professional. These types of cases are assigned to Pest Central District Court, and there are several international family lawyers having expertise in abduction cases.

What is your advice to parents who are thinking about relocating with a child?

It is crucial to contact an international family lawyer with appropriate expertise in these cases without delay. Usually immediate action should be taken. Wherever possible, we try to resolve the dispute in a low-conflict way, so parallel to the legal process, we assess whether there is a chance for an agreement.

What is your advice to parents about international parenting plans?

I find that it helps a lot if we take the time to have a discussion with the parents so that they understand each other better, and so that they could appreciate that being raised in two houses after a divorce or separation can be a difficult adjustment for children.

I have vast experience with issues as child arrangements and creative parental access schedules. I am a believer in the benefits of resolving family disputes out of court and convinced that all it takes is the intention. If parents are really willing to cooperate, national borders cannot be an obstacle to peaceful co-parenting.

When did you first handle a child abduction case?

I have been handling child abduction cases since 2018.

Which child abduction case will you never forget?

A particular highlight in my portfolio includes a case of divorce between a Hungarian husband and a Taiwanese wife who lived in Budapest. After their separation the mother decided to relocate to Kuala Lumpur.

Although this is quite rare, they came to me together for counseling with regard to a possible relocation, and the mother accepted that she could not decide about moving the child to a foreign country without the father’s permission. Both parties were understandably very attached to their 2-year-old daughter, and they were eager to create a system in which the child spends a lot of time with her mother in Malaysia until school age.

I demonstrated my acute awareness that as a lawyer I am in a position of great responsibility, and I recognized the need to facilitate an agreement that is in everyone’s interest, but above all, protects and furthers the child’s interests. Due to jurisdictional and possible future issues the agreement clearly had many complex elements, but I was happy to be able to creatively align the human aspects of practice with legal provisions.

Decision making model

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